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Tulsa World: House member raises issues with Senate staff raises

The last raises given to senior House staff were in August of 2007, with the exception of the pay for Jennifer Monies, Benge’s press secretary.

This is a biased article because it talks about the amount of the raise, without stating that it brings most of the staff up to only $43,000 annual salary.The amount of the raise seems large because they were receiving a very low salary.

If the R’s want to be in charge and are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility, then they should set the example.

Wonder why Morrisette did not sponsor any bills to give state employees raises and also teachers raises when the Dimocroooks were in control' »The House has 29 fewer full time employees than it did when Democrats were in control, Benge said. »I bet the salaries combined of those 29 people do not equal the raises given.Of course now the Dimwits will start complaining because their « voters » are no longer employees of the state.



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French trade gap widens almost 40 percent

France’s foreign trade deficit widened almost 40 percent last year as the economic crisis hit exports and the price of energy imports rose, the government said Friday.The trade gap increased to euro55.7 billion from euro40.6 billion in 2007, the trade ministry said in a statement.

Article Controls The ministry blamed rising energy prices for four fifths of the deficit’s increase and said recent falls in energy prices should relieve pressure on the trade gap this year.Exports suffered toward the end of 2008, particularly to France’s European neighbours.Over the year, exports rose 2.1 percent while imports grew by a faster 5.3 percent.Car exports were hit hardest by the crisis, down 10 percent in the year.Trade Minister Anne-Marie Idrac said in a statment that her priority is to help France’s struggling exporters by making sure they have access to credit and by challenging protectionist measures.

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He actually does know something about stock picks and Wall Street.


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51,8 millions de clients mobiles en France fin 2008

L’Autorité de régulation des télécoms (Arcep) annonce que la France comptait 58,07 millions de clients aux services de téléphonie mobile au 31 décembre 2008, soit un taux de pénétration de 91,3%, contre 87,6% un an plus tôt.

PARIS (Reuters) – La France comptait 58,07 millions de clients aux services de téléphonie mobile au 31 décembre 2008, soit un taux de pénétration de 91,3%, contre 87,6% un an plus tôt, annonce l’Autorité de régulation des télécoms (Arcep).

Au cours du dernier trimestre de l’année, les opérateurs ont engrangé 1.671.000 clients supplémentaires, donnant une croissance trimestrielle de 3,0% contre 4,3% sur la période correspondante de 2007, peut-on également lire dans le tableau de bord trimestriel de l’Arcep.

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